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100% Legal safety

100% Legal safety

It is essential that you as a buyer get supported by local experts

LIVINatSPAIN offers you 100% legal security and safety when you purchase a property . We are one of the few specialized and certified offices in Spain. We collaborate with lawyers and notaries, experts in their field. They are familiar with all the specific matters of Real Estate in Spain. They will manage the complete legal administration sales process of the property. Finally, we can rely on our unique expertise and on all our satisfied customers, who can testify about our extreme accuracy during the entire purchase process, this in order to insure you legal guarantees.

When you purchase a property in Spain, you require an NIE number (identification number for foreigners), this is a specific tax identification number that is required for each transaction in Spain. LIVINatSPAIN supports you to obtain this NIE number and we will also assist you in opening the mandatory bank account.

The bank account is necessary for the various down payments, further financial transactions and direct debit of invoices that are tied to the acquired property.

To minimise your administration, you can grant our lawyer a legal mandate by means of a notarial deed. This mandate entitles the lawyer to the statutory audits of the entire transaction. If necessary, he checks whether all previous taxes or debts have been repaid on your property. The lawyer can also represent you at the notary who is responsible for the transfer of title deeds and their registration in the official registers. The mandate could also give the lawyer the authority to finalize the purchase process in your name without having you to be physically present with every administrative formality.

After the signature, the property will be registered in the cadastre and the title deed (Escritura) will be registered and you will receive your title deed.

After the purchase, the lawyer can also organise all the necessary permanent assignments such as insurance, accommodation, water, electricity and common costs. He can assure you a fiscal representation, including the payment of the SUMA (tax on the property) and the RENTA (property taxes for non-residents).

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