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About us

About us

A specialised team with passion for the life in Spain

The team at LIVINatSPAIN are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate property professionals who understands our clients’ requirements.

By our flexibility we are able to adapt at every moment to the needs of our customers. This gives us the opportunity to place our customers’ needs at first place and so to strive for a very high customer satisfaction.

About us

Our values

We from LIVINatSPAIN direct all of our efforts toward our customers to understand, anticipate and satisfy their requirements in an efficient manner.

As client, buyer or tenant our multilingual staff are able to assist you in your own language.

We promise to do what is right, fair and ethical.

Focus on Quality

Providing quality and offering superior support is the main goal of LIVINatSPAIN. Due to the close cooperation within our teams, we constantly strive for an improvement of our services, which leads to a high level of customer satisfaction

Our services are continuously monitored in a critical manner with the aim of optimally satisfying our clients, buyers and tenants.

About us

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